Raymond C. Headen will be appearing with a panel of national experts, including JobsOhio General Counsel Don Grubbs, for two economic development and public finance seminars to be released in mid-September 2021. For those who are lawyers, you can receive 1 hr. CLE credit.

Economic Development Law and Regulation – Land Use Planning and Corporate Site Location

  • What role does land use planning play in the corporate site location process?
  • How can land use master plans simplify the corporate site location process for developers and companies?
  • What role does project design play in the corporate site location process?
  • How can traffic studies impact a corporate site location process?
  • What role do site plans play in preparing a site to develop the on and off-site infrastructure needed for a corporate site location process to work?

Program release date: September 13, 2021

Economic Development Law and Regulation – Incentives

  • What type of economic development incentives are used to retain and attract companies?
  • What role do economic development incentives play in a corporate site location decision?
  • Have economic development incentives adapted to the Work From Home movement?
  • What advice would you give companies seeking economic development incentives from communities and states?
  • Will economic development incentives move away from the requirements of job creation and shift to payroll and capital investment creation as automation, AI and other technologies create fewer, higher wage jobs?

Program release date: September 17, 2021

The programs will be offered by the Practising Law Institute (PLI).