In addition to the Brownfield Remediation Grant Program, H.B. 110 also creates within Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) a new grant program (new R.C. 122.6512) that covers up to 75% of a project’s total cost to demolish commercial and residential buildings and revitalization of surrounding non-brownfield properties. The new grant program is called the Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Program. H.B. 110 provides that the Ohio Department of Development will determine eligibility for the new program via administrative rule. The program must be operational and accepting application within 90 days of budget bill’s effective date (September 29, 2021). H.B. 110 appropriates $150 million for the new program for state  fiscal year 2022. H.B. 110 further provides that $500,000 will be reserved for each Ohio county for the first year of the program with all remaining funds after such reservation awarded by ODOD on a first-come first served basis. There is authority to re-appropriate any unencumbered balance of funds in the program to SFY 2023.